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Voga’s Modern, Multi-Functional and Monochrome Kitchen

Case Study

In 2018 Voga had the pleasure of designing and fitting James and Lyndsey’s beautiful monochrome kitchen.

In this case study, you can read more about how we created this modern open plan kitchen design, how our kitchen fitters worked on the project, and find out how the clients felt about the finished result!

Finding Voga

James and Lyndsey:

“We visited a few kitchen designers in and around Cirencester when planning our kitchen. And for us, Mark from Voga was the only designer that was contemporary enough. All of the other designers were quite traditional in their styles. Whereas we knew we wanted something sleek and modern. Pretty much straight away, we realised Mark was the right guy for our project. He just got our vision! He spent an hour talking to us about what we wanted to create, as well as the look and feel of what we wanted, showing us lots of examples in his modern, cutting-edge showroom to help us finalise our ideas.

Mark was able to enhance our ideas and transform them into something even more beautiful. He came across like an expert and so we were happy to trust his recommendations. For us, it was really appealing that we were working with a kitchen designer who was also the owner of the business. In the end our decision really came down to outstanding products and the fact that Mark was so welcoming and knowledgeable.”

Project Brief


“When discussing the project brief, James and Lyndsey were very specific about what they wanted. They definitely wanted to go for a monochrome kitchen design with a modern, contemporary style.

James and Lyndsey were in the process of converting a beautiful open plan space which would serve as a modern open plan kitchen, dining and living area. Therefore, they felt that a monochrome aesthetic would provide some versatility, to allow all three spaces to work together. It would also allow us to use some subtle pops of colour throughout the space as a contrast. As well as colour directions, they stated that they wanted something functional. They have three children, so as you can imagine, they wanted something hard-wearing and low maintenance! They were set on having any appliances hidden away – for safety, but also to help achieve a minimal, clean look.

It was very helpful that they came to the Cirencester showroom equipped with plenty of Pinterest and Instagram photos of what they wanted, and of different monochrome kitchen styles they liked. This helped us to get a feel for the end result they were looking for.”

Monochrome Kitchen
Monochrome Kitchen

The Design


“As the area was an extension being built from scratch, we couldn’t visit the space beforehand as we normally would with a kitchen design project. We were able to walk through the bare bones of the space as it was being built. But none of the other dining and living areas within the space were completed. So, we had to use a lot of imagination to think about what the finished result would look like.

After the design had been signed off by James and Lyndsey, we ordered all of the materials from our trusted kitchen suppliers to suit the build schedule. We came out to the property when the builders were doing their first fix and told them where to put the ducting for the extractor. We also advised on where the plumbing surfaces should be positioned.”

James and Lyndsey

“Mark liaised with our architect to fine tune some of the design regarding things like the ducting for the extractor fan, and also the positions of some of the electrical outlets we wanted incorporated. This advice helped the whole process to run much more smoothly.”



“We were so excited to get started on the design for this modern, open plan kitchen!

As this was an open plan design, we needed to be mindful of the other areas of the multi-functional space. The kitchen was only one aspect of a bigger picture, and so it needed to blend seamlessly into the flow of the area as a whole.

One part of the design we are particularly proud of is how the LED lighting under the kitchen cabinets mirrors the strip light in the middle of the kitchen area. Interestingly, these kitchen cabinets have a clear bottom, so the LED lights are able to shine into the cabinets and illuminate them on the inside!”

Monochrome Kitchen

James and Lyndsey

“We already knew how we wanted to use the space. We had earmarked furniture that would also go within the room, which Mark was able to incorporate into the floorplan of the kitchen. Initially, we had some worries about how everything would fit within the space, but Mark was really happy to go the extra mile so that we could feel confident. He was also able to advise us on choosing furniture for the rest of the space so that everything worked together. And we were open and happy to take his insight on-board.”

Monochrome Kitchen Design

James and Lyndsey

“When it came to the actual fitting of the kitchen, Barry the Voga professional kitchen fitter instilled confidence in us that the job was in safe hands. He just got on with the job and completed everything to an impeccable standard.”

Building and fitting


“Once all preparations had been completed, our Voga kitchen fitters, led by Barry arrived to start the build.

We only work with trusted, experienced kitchen fitters at Voga. In fact, most of our kitchen fitters have been with us for a long time! We never outsource any kitchen fitting, as keeping everything in-house allows us to maintain the strictest standards.

Barry installed all of the appliances, which were ordered from Siemens. This kitchen fit included two ovens, a wall fridge, a tall freezer and tall sliding larders – all within a pocket door system. This means that the doors fold in on themselves rather than outwards to save space and keep with a minimalist aesthetic.

A few of our favourite parts from the kitchen fit:

  • We used Dekton kitchen worktops around the hob. This is a very tough, heat-resistant material. You can place hot pans directly onto a Dekton worktop without making a mark.
  • The opposite countertop is a cove upstand – it’s built without joints which is great for wetter areas
  • We added a marbled finish to the counters to add a beautiful contrast to the space

Working Relationship


“Lyndsey and James really were the perfect clients for Voga. They had a clear idea of what they wanted, but also were happy to let us be creative. They were specific, but they were also really open to suggestions, which is so important when working with a kitchen designer. It also helps to work with people who are as passionate about interior design as we are.

We also couldn’t have asked for a better space to design with. It’s hard not to get excited about a project when the space is so impressive.

Lyndsey and James were lovely, down-to-earth and a pleasure to work with!”

James and Lyndsey

“We wanted to be bold and brave with our modern kitchen design, and Mark really encouraged and enabled that to happen and work. We had complete confidence that Mark had us in safe hands at every stage of the journey.

Thank you, voga for creating the kitchen of our dreams!! We could not be happier, and working with you on it was a total pleasure!”

the result


“We’re so pleased with this monochrome, modern open plan kitchen! It was such a great project to work on.

With this design we wanted to achieve what architects call ‘compression and release.’ This is when one passes through a narrower, more restricted area and then enters a larger, more open space for the release. This creates a feeling of grandeur in the ‘release’ space, almost like walking into a cathedral.

We absolutely love the flow of this space as a whole, as it is so light and open. And despite being minimal, functional and monochrome, there is also a feeling of homeliness and warmth.”

Monochrome Kitchen
Monochrome Kitchen
Monochrome Kitchen

James and Lyndsey

“There wasn’t a big reveal as such – as we were present throughout the build. (We even kept a record of the progress on our Instagram page: Our Tunnel Vision)

However, when everything was finished and clean, having a coffee on the first Sunday morning when it was all done and quiet was a beautiful experience. It’s such a beautiful space that makes us smile even now.

Everyone raves about our kitchen, and everybody that comes round is really wowed by it all.”